How did we live before?

Hi all! Today, I wanted to share a text that my grandmother gave me a few months ago. I found it very touching and it helped me see things in a different perspective 😉

I tried translating it for you:

” We are all survivors. We were born…

  • Before penicilline
  • Before the atomic bomb, nuclear power plants, space rockets
  • Before the first man to walk on the moon, before television
  • Way before video recorders, radars, frozen food, laser beams, ball-point pens, photocopiers, scooters, supermarkets, red lights, roundabouts, McDonald’s

How did we live! We lived in a time before low-cost housing, VAT, minimum salary, GMOs… Think about our brave cooks, how did they live?

  • Without high-tech kitchens, electric ovens, micro-waves
  • No refrigerator, no freezer, no washing machine, no dishwasher. Just a good old three legged cooking pot and a cauldron

And what can we say about hygiene?!

  • No bathroom, no shower, no bathtub or “bidet”, not even a sink. And for the toilets, a small wooden shed at the end of the garden. No toilet paper, old newspapers were good enough (even chestnut leaves)!

But the worst part is yet to come… No trial marriage, the first one was the one!

  • No mistakes, no pill. Sometimes surprises, and panic…
  • No “housewife”, no financial help, no parental leave…
  • No pampers or disposable diapers

And then come electronics and computers with so many new names… What is a computer?

It’s this great big machine with a screen that has the answers to all your questions, if you know how to ask; and that has stolen a part of our vocabulary.

We lived without all these thingamajigs… How? We were retards… Yet, we managed to enter the 21st century, just like everybody else.”

We ask ourselves how we lived before, but I ask you… how will we live after?


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  1. suburbanlife says:

    I am seventy years old and have lived through many changes and innovations. Every day i feel as If i were living in a waking dream. So many life skills have been lost or are dormant. If this crazy technological world should falter, many people will not have the resilience to go on. Sad, and true. G


    1. Yes, unfortunately I think you’re right… But I also think more and more people are realizing this and trying to regain/relearn those life skills and become more resilient 🙂 It’ll take some time, but I think there’s hope! After all, we’ll probably need those skills in the years to come.


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