Episode 2: We are what we eat

Hi all! Here’s the second article of the series: “How to consume less/better every day”.

How can we eat better without spending all our money on food?

The first solution is to reduce your meat consumption (see the article Why I became vegetarian). Here’s a list of other ways to eat better:

1. Avoid supermarkets

Personally, it’s been 4 months that I’ve been trying to buy as little as possible in supermarkets and I spend a lot less money for food, even though I buy almost exclusively organic products! There’s fewer marketing and therefore less temptation. It could be a solution to the agricultural crisis, fuelled by supermarket commercial margins.


2. Farmers markets

Products like fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, cheese… have a higher quality and are often cheaper on farmers markets. Plus, you can often find local, seasonal food and actually meet the people who grow your food. You can also choose Community Supported Agriculture (CSA); a system where you receive weekly shares of fruits and vegetables.


3. Eat organic food

For those who still believe that organic food can’t feed the planet; at the current rate of soil deterioration and erosion, do you really believe conventional agriculture will be able to?

Articles on the subject:

5. Grow your garden

More and more people are learning to grow food! Urban agriculture is present in many cities around the world. For example, food is grown on rooftops or in urban farms like  Fresh City Farms in the Toronto area.


Have you ever heard of Incredible Edible ? The IE network started in the UK and spread to the rest of the world. The idea is to grow food anywhere you can and share it with everyone by putting “Help yourselves” sign. The goal is to encourage municipalities to do the same in public places. You can look up the Canadian network here.

Of course, you can also grow food at home, and even if you live in an apartment. Personally, I followed the advice given in this article to “hack my supermarket” and, for now, I was able to “restart” a salad and a carrot 🙂 Here’s also a list of 66 things you can grow at home in flowerpots.




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