Creating transition

I strongly believe – as do many other people – that our current economic system must change in order for humanity to have a viable future on this planet. And the reason why it’s so hard to come to grips with this, is because it’s terrifying… But it’s also extremely thrilling! We live in a time when creativity and social interaction are essential to our wellbeing.  We just need to see the bright side, stay hopeful. So I wanted to share some things that people are already doing to make the world a place worth living in. We can all get there, but we need to do it together.

Within the system

Some companies are getting together to find ways of improving their activity in a sustainable way.

Globe, for example, is a worldwide event where companies share challenges and solutions. It’s about “making sustainability work from a business perspective”.

Other, similar movements exist, like Connecting Environmental Professionals in Canada.

I know, these events are like putting a band aid on an open wound. But as long as we choose to keep the same economic system, it’s pretty much all a lot of companies can do…

Creating a new system

The best way to live in a truly sustainable world, is to move towards a sustainable system!

BALLE’s “about” video explains this quite well. Business Alliance for Local Living Economies was founded in 2001 to “nurture and create the emergence of a new economy”, one where values like health, prosperity and happiness are central.

Have you heard of B Corps? I’ll give you a hint: the most famous are Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s 😉 B Corps are companies which create benefit for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. They believe that “all business ought to be conducted as if people and place mattered”. Isn’t that a pledge all companies should make?


Finally, an essential part of the movement towards a “better world” is The Transition NetworkI encourage you to look it up because it’s a real message of hope and, even though it started in a small English town, it’s becoming something huge!


Tired of feeling frustrated with the world but you don’t know what to do? Start by reading The Power of Just Doing Stuff by Rob Hopkins 🙂


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