100% renewable energy is possible


Renewable energy:

Is it possible to switch to a 100% renewable energy mix, worldwide? Well, according to an analysis from Stanford University, it is! And it would have many positive repercussions:

  • 20 million more jobs created than lost in the transition
  • 4 to 7 million premature deaths prevented each year
  • business, health and climate costs would be 60% lower than a business-as-usual system

This article from Public Citizen also argues that renewable energy is capable of meeting our energy needs.


Repowermap is a map that shows renewable energies and energy efficiency in different countries around the world. 100% Renewable Energy is another map, that shows a possible renewable energy mix in each country by 2050.

Source: http://www.repowermap.org

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that renewable energies are completely “clean”; they have a carbon footprint and they use rare metals (a finite resource). The best way to lower the impact of energy production is to consume less energy in the first place! But now, the next time someone tells you that 100% renewable energy isn’t technically possible, you’ll know he/she is wrong.

Fossil fuels

Some cities have realized that moving away from fossil fuels is a necessity. For instance, Copenhagen has decided to divest completely from coal, oil and gas. Their objective is to become the world’s first CO2 neutral capital.

On the other hand, Norway is one of the few wealthy countries to have increased GHG* emissions since 1990, and plans to continue exploiting its natural gas. Their objective would be to replace coal in Europe by Norwegian natural gas.

*GHG: Greenhouse Gas


By 2023, the heart of Beijing could look like this:

Future city of bamboos

Someone showed me these Ted talks on “sustainable architecture” that I found interesting and worth sharing 🙂

This house in Stuttgart, Germany, is designed to generate twice more energy than it consumes!

Movies, Books, Music…

A Song of Our Warming Planet is a completely different approach to climate change, using music…

“The main barriers to getting to 100% clean energy are social and political, not technical or economic.” – Mark Z. Jacobson, Stanford University


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