Never give up

I can’t start this article without saying a few words about what happened last Friday in Paris (Nov 13). It’s been a hard time for all of us, and it feels a bit weird being in another country, so far away. Personally, I feel even more strongly about participating in the people’s climate march in Ottawa on the 29th, to show the world that we will not succumb to terror. 


If you haven’t already done it, I encourage you to sign a petition, in order to pressure the policymakers to take action at COP21 in two weeks:



You can also participate in this Thunderclap. All the people who did will automatically share the same post (on Facebook, Twitter or Tumbl), at the same time on November 29.


At the start of this year, the number of off shore oil rigs in the US was 1,366. And every year, more and more are being abandoned. Four Chinese architects thought of a way to transform them into habitats for aquatic ecosystems:

Transforming oil rigs into ecosystem habitats


Good news for Canada: Clean Energy Jobs Now Exceed Oilsands Jobs In Canada

Food & Agriculture

You’d like to eat locally but you don’t really know how? Try Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) like The Kitchen Garden. You get local organically grown vegetables every month 🙂

The Kitchen Garden
An example of a monthly share at the Kitchen Garden in winter

“There are no passengers on planet Earth, we are all crew” – Marshall McLuhan


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